Don’t Be Butthurt Over Oxford Dictionary’s New Words


Guest Post by Jasmine June Cabanaw The Oxford Dictionary recently released its list of newly added words— and it has caused quite the stir. People have been adding words to languages since the beginning of humankind, and yet every time the Oxford Dictionary promotes a slang word to an official one, people get all butthurt… Read More »

Want to be a Brilliant Writer? Attend a Reading!


Readings are inspiring in more ways than one. As writers, we often think that writing workshops and classes are the best ways to improve our writing, but we mustn’t overlook the power of listening to words, and their ability to transform us. In my case, my first poetry reading sparked a life changing event. It… Read More »

Elizabeth Gilbert LIVE Event Accommodations


Are you excited to study with a best selling author? I know we are! Many of you must be, as well, because our discounted rooms at The Meritage Resort have completely sold out! We want to be as helpful as possible for our event attendees, so we’ve compiled a list of accommodations that are in… Read More »

Write Your Way Around The Bay! Fall 2015


The autumn season is a wonderful time to visit the Bay Area. Festivals and harvests abound, the smell of apples permeates the markets, and the weather is almost always sunny but never too hot. My fingers itch to get to the keyboard and turn these autumn delights into poems. Other writers must feel the same… Read More »

Reconnect With Your Inner Child to Recharge Your Writing


Guest Post by Jasmine June Cabanaw When I was a child, I never needed to recharge my writing practice. You’d be lucky if you could pry my notebook from my hands. I would spend hours scribbling away, writing fantastical stories and poems about absolutely everything and anything. In fact, I never thought of having a… Read More »

Discover Daily Mantras To Improve Your Writing


When I wake each morning, I start the day with a single thought, “I am alive.” It’s the one mantra I say consistently, every day. I love the sing-song sound of the vowels and the way the “v” vibrates on my bottom lip like a buzzing bee. But more than that, it’s a reminder to… Read More »

3 Steps to Becoming a Brilliant Writer of Memoir


Guest post by Jasmine June Cabanaw Think of the most influential books you’ve read. I bet at least one of them was based on a personal journey, of someone overcoming their hardships and gaining valuable life lessons. This is the beauty of memoir writing— the protagonist doesn’t have to achieve something extraordinary in order for… Read More »

Why Summer is the Best Time to be a Brilliant Writer


Guest Post By Jasmine June Cabanaw Summer has always been my favorite season for writing. The nostalgia of sitting against a tree in the sweet smelling grass with a pen and notebook in hand is more delicious than an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. As a child, I never stopped to wonder why… Read More »

Improve your writing skills at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.57.44 PM

One of the highest compliments that can be paid to a writer of prose is that their work is “poetic.” What does that really mean? You can find out at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference in my class Explorations: Prose and Poetry”. Since 1990, the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference has been connecting writers to community…. Read More »

Benefits of taking an online writing course


Guest Post By Jasmine June Cabanaw All good writers have ways of honing their craft. People who want to write professionally usually obtain degrees which involve some form of writing, whether it be essays, creative writing, or literature analysis. But attending post-secondary school isn’t always an option, especially for people who start writing later in… Read More »