3 Steps to Becoming a Brilliant Writer of Memoir


Guest post by Jasmine June Cabanaw Think of the most influential books you’ve read. I bet at least one of them was based on a personal journey, of someone overcoming their hardships and gaining valuable life lessons. This is the beauty of memoir writing— the protagonist doesn’t have to achieve something extraordinary in order for… Read More »

Why Summer is the Best Time to be a Brilliant Writer


Guest Post By Jasmine June Cabanaw Summer has always been my favorite season for writing. The nostalgia of sitting against a tree in the sweet smelling grass with a pen and notebook in hand is more delicious than an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. As a child, I never stopped to wonder why… Read More »

Improve your writing skills at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference

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One of the highest compliments that can be paid to a writer of prose is that their work is “poetic.” What does that really mean? You can find out at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference in my class Explorations: Prose and Poetry”. Since 1990, the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference has been connecting writers to community…. Read More »

Benefits of taking an online writing course


Guest Post By Jasmine June Cabanaw All good writers have ways of honing their craft. People who want to write professionally usually obtain degrees which involve some form of writing, whether it be essays, creative writing, or literature analysis. But attending post-secondary school isn’t always an option, especially for people who start writing later in… Read More »

Top Writing Prompts for Memoir Writers


At its best, memoir writing explores a portion of a life lived in a unique open way, filled with adventurous experiences, transformation, lessons learned, a solid story structure, and prose that shimmers off the page as lusciously as any novel, and as poetically as any great poem. Everyone is struggling to figure our their existence… Read More »

Mindfulness and Writing as a Path to Awakening


Mindfulness meditation is perhaps one of the best gems a writer can have in their creative treasure box. Being aware of life and the world around you will shine light onto your ideas and bring insight into your concepts. Great writers tend to think outside the box, but brilliant writers have no box at all…. Read More »

Writing horror through the light of positivity


Guest post by BENJAMIN KANE ETHRIDGE Writing is an interesting endeavor because it can be done from an abject heart or it can be done right in the fiber of your being. In working on horror fiction, the subject matter can be daunting at times and can affect your mood and even your outlook on… Read More »

Does Meditation Make You A Better Pet Owner?


Does meditation make you a better pet owner? Well, it certainly has a whole host of benefits for both you and your pets. Meditation also helps us cultivate mindfulness and gratitude, allowing us to let go of the concept of ownership altogether and embrace being a pet parent. Or even better, it helps us look… Read More »

How to Write a Poem that Commemorates your Pet


The grieving process that follows after losing an animal companion can be really heart wrenching. For most people, having an animal companion pass on is like losing a family member. There are many ways to cope with the grief, such as reaching out to friends and family, and there are also ways to commemorate your… Read More »

How To Become a Successful Copywriter


Most writers dream of making a living solely off their creative writing, but often times writers have to go where the work is. A field that has quite a high demand for creative writers is copywriting. However, jumping into the copywriting industry isn’t as easy as it looks. San Francisco SEO copywriter Anna Colibri outlines… Read More »