Hi Everyone. Albert Flynn DeSilver here in West Marin California. I honestly have lost track of whether or not we are still under Shelter in Place orders, especially since I work at home. I’ve had an online business now for several years being a poet, writer, and teacher occasionally getting out to teach LIVE events at places like Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the Esalen Institute, Omega, 1440, and writing conferences nationally, etc. All of course canceled now and gone ZOOMY. … Read More »

How To Write a Book Proposal That Sells


Dear Friends,

It’s not hard to write a book proposal. What’s challenging is writing one that actually sells your book. Please note this is an OUTLINE. My final proposal with all the details filled in was 10,000 words and just shy of 40 pages. Yours maybe shorter or longer depending on the type of book. This outline will get you started in a powerful way! The design is based on the proposal for a book that sold for six … Read More »

The Power of LIVE Events



Dear Friends, As much as I love teaching via the video, the blog, email, and on social media, there is nothing like a LIVE event to inspire that next level of your creative and spiritual growth. I have two AMAZING  live events coming up. One on the west coast at Asilomar State Beach; “The Yoga of Creativity & Writing” May 5-7 and one on the east coast at The Omega Institute “Writing as a Path to Awakening” May … Read More »

The Power of Yoga for Writing: Introducing Dr. Melody Moore–A Mini-Webinar

Hello friends, so delighted to finally be posting the VLOG pieces. This mini webinar is both an introduction to the work of Melody Moore, and a reflection on the power of yoga and embodiment on our writing practice. Some of the discussion revolves around what we have planned for our upcoming yoga and writing retreat at Asilomar State Beach May 5-7, 2017. Enjoy!

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Exclusive Opportunity for Dedicated Writers!

So, here’s the deal. . .I’m looking for 15 people to join me in 2017 for a VERY EXCITING new program called The Writer’s Mastermind: Journey to Publication. If you’re not interested, totally cool, no need to read on…

Because of the intense nature of my teaching and publishing schedule, I haven’t done this before, and since so many of you requested it, I am making an exception in 2017. Not sure if I’ll do it again. We’ll see.

For … Read More »

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The 5 Things That Changed My (Writing) Life

1. That my favorite, best selling, Pulitzer prize-winning, epically published writers’ first drafts SUCKED! I found this very liberating—that maybe they too were not the elevated intellectually-superior, uber-disciplined, specially anointed species, I’d projected them to be.

That they too struggled, floundered, wrote utter crap, and failed miserably. And THEN succeeded—if only by sticking with it because they simply had to! They pressed on through the murk of fear, doubt, and failure, kept reading, writing, and editing, sought help, support, great … Read More »

Tips for Editing Different Types of Writing Projects

I am about to turn in my next book Writing as a Path to Awakening (non-fiction) to my publisher. I am also deep into my next novel working toward my second draft. Two completely different book projects, two completely different approaches to editing. So I thought I would share some insights and tips about how I like to deal with very different writing projects at different stages of completion.

1. Make sure you have fully and completely committed yourself to … Read More »

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Your Scene-Writing Toolkit

Guest Post By Brooke Warner

Writers shoulder a lot when it comes to writing a memoir. There are so many things to hold in addition to the memories, messages from our saboteurs, and bouts of self-doubt. Most writers who are working on a memoir are learning a new craft while also dealing with the wellspring of emotion that comes from tapping into experiences that can oftentimes feel like stirring a hornet’s nest.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all … Read More »

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Why You Never Have to Be a Starving Artist

Many writers still have this tired washed-up romantic notion of the starving artist. And yes, it is difficult to sustain one’s self as an artist in our culture, but not impossible and there are infinite ways to help people, make a good living, and devote your life to writing and creativity.

So banish that starving artist notion from your head. Nothing could be less romantic than having no money. In order to nourish your creativity and your life in general … Read More »