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Announcing Brilliant Writer Radio and the Mindful Writer Podcast

I’m so excited to launch Brilliant Writer Radio! This bi-weekly Mindful Writer Podcast features brilliant writers, speakers, and guest artists such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Janis Cooke Newman, Dani Shapiro, and Ruth Ozeki. And this is just the beginning! To kick things off, I’m starting with my exclusive interview with best selling writer Elizabeth Gilbert where she shares her thoughts about what it means to be a “successful” writer, how to be a more mindful writer, and so much more.

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It’s a Summertime Thing! Writing Workshops and More

Summertime is a time for reading at the beach, feet tucked into warm sand, sun glasses on, contemplating the crisp rush of salty waves. Maybe it’s sitting in the shade of an old oak tree with a sweaty glass of iced tea tilted in the uneven grass at your side—notebook in hand, ready to write. Click to see more reasons why summer is the best time to be a brilliant writer.

Summertime is a time for road trips and writing … Read More »

Albert Flynn DeSilver: Write Well, Live Well

Guest Post By: Robert Digitale

As writers, who wouldn’t want to fashion a best seller? But Albert Flynn DeSilver hopes authors will reach for a bigger prize: a life well-lived.

It’s not that he dismisses the goal of creating a great book. Far from it. He praises the written word as a powerful means to awaken and move people.

Even so, to him it makes no sense for people to gain success and lose their souls.

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8 Ways to Stay Hyper-Focused With Your Writing (or whatever else sparks your creative fancy!)

One of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed over the years with my students is persistence and discipline. Simply sticking with the process. Life happens and grand excuses arise. Things can feel so real and insurmountable. If you want to stay hyper-focused with your writing, these 8 tips will help you cultivate discipline.

1. Don’t write on the computer. Stop it, even if it’s all you’ve ever known. Just for now. This one day, or for the first 5 minutes of … Read More »

How We Transform Our Writing and Our Lives

Sometimes in order to write, or create any art, it helps to simply get out of our own way— out of our heads, that is -and into our bodies. I recently came from a weekend of teaching at The Sedona Yoga Festival where I spoke before hundreds of people about vulnerability, language, and writing from the body.

This is how we transform our writing AND our lives. Here’s a simple exercise you can try from the comfort of your home:… Read More »

7 Things Meditation Has Taught Me About Writing

Guest Post By: Eva Langston

Every morning, I meditate for ten to fifteen minutes before sitting down to write for a few hours. Neither of these activities is easy, and yet I think they are both good for me. And it often seems that what I learn from meditation can be applied to writing, and vice versa.

1. The Practice Is Harder Than the Theory.

I’ve read many books about how to meditate and many more about how to write. … Read More »

The Stone the Builder Refused: Rejection and Redemption

Guest Post By: Diana Renee Williams

“Rejection does not mean you are not good enough, it means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer.” –Mark Amend

“Oh, the holiness of always being the injured party.” — Maya Angelou

Rejection… who hasn’t felt the burning sting?

Rejection is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Whether rejection comes as a social snub, unrequited love or getting passed over for a writing assignment, rejection deals a direct blow to … Read More »

How to Make Your Writing Come Alive by Connecting with Your Body

Guest Post by Laura Probert, MPT

Connecting with your body as a source of wisdom, intuition, and creative flow is an ancient art that many of us have lost touch with. It can be the difference between writing that’s good and writing that comes from a place in your soul with the potential to light the reader on fire with enthusiasm. Time to connect again… let me show you how.

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Meditation for Health and Happiness

“Meditation is simplicity itself. It’s about stopping and being present. That is all.”

The following post gives you a terrific introduction to mindfulness meditation. And what’s the connection to writing you ask? Everything. In order to open the creative mind, silence, simplicity, and letting go are essential. Meditation is the gateway to mindful writing. Attending to the magic of language, allowing your full creative potential to flow through, this is the power of integrating meditation and writing, together. Freewriting or … Read More »

3 Crucial Ways to Become a Best Selling Author

In more than twenty years of writing, publishing, and teaching there are 3 crucial things I’ve noticed about successful, best selling authors that took them from amateur scribbler to published professional.

1. We get clear on why we are doing this writing thing in the first place. What drives us? What is our purpose for expressing ourselves with words, as opposed to say, photography, painting, dance, or music? How is our passion sparked and sustained? Clarity is essential.

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